Environmental Stewardship

Our kids are the ones who have to live on Earth after we’re gone

Students have told me that recycling programs at Petaluma High School don’t exist: they have seen first-hand the janitorial staff dump both recycling and garbage cans into the dumpster out back. Students should not have to be driving the basic compliance of handling refuse properly.

When students do projects to incorporate recycling, composting, and drought-resistant landscaping into Petaluma City Schools, those projects and policies should not leave with them. As staff members, administrators, and Trustees, it is our responsibility to ensure that good ideas live on past a student’s graduation date.

How do we encourage families and students to carpool? I don’t have a definitive answer, but I know the current traffic nightmare that is Petaluma is not being helped by most families driving one student to and from school every day.

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