Why Caitlin?

Yes, my parents dressed me as a clown. Rude, right?I went to school here. My brother went to school here. I know these schools; I know these teachers; I know these administrators. I know what they’re great at, and where they can improve. I am not a direct stakeholder in making any single school great — I want to lift up ALL of our schools and ALL of our students.

I was a camp counselor at Camp Navarro for Old Adobe’s school district as a high schooler because I knew what it was like to be the awkward sixth grader. Now, I’m just an awkward young adult trying to navigate this weird political time, and I’m not content to sit idly by.

quinn cousins
Sonia, Caitlin, Callum, and Dillon Quinn: Bay Area cousins!

I am an avid reader and an expert with political jargon; Robert’s Rules and meeting minutes don’t scare me one bit. I know I’m young, but I simply cannot wait for someone else to decide it is my turn to change the world. I want to make Petaluma a better place for young people, and I think the best way I can do that is by being a trustee for Petaluma City Schools — are you with me?

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